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Gearbox Worm Gear WPA 50
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Sell Gearbox Worm Gear WPA 50

Specification of Gearbox Worm Gear WPA 50

Sell WPA 50 Gearbox Worm Gear

Worm gear is a type of gear motor that uses worm gears. Worm gear is used to transmit the right big and round power and a relatively short distance. The gears can be cylindrical or cone shaped. Gear transmission has advantages compared to belts or chains because it is more compact, higher and more precise, and more power.
We are PT. Daya Mandiri Solusindo sells Gearbox Worm Gear various types not only WPA 50 but also other types such as:
- WPA Worm Gear40
- WPA Worm Gear 60
- WPA Worm Gear 70
- WPA Worm Gear 80
- WPA Worm Gear 100
- WPA Worm Gear 120
- WPA Worm Gear 135
- WPA Worm Gear 155
- WPA Worm Gear 175
- WPA Worm Gear 200
- WPA Worm Gear 250

Brand: HRF / Revvo / Etc.
Ratio: 1:10, 1:20, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 1:60
Type: 50

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